lake shore kitchen

In a small oddly shaped kitchen, not an inch can be wasted.  The budget would not allow for a full suite of custom cabinetry so we turned to Ikea.  Three custom 'adapters' were developed to bring utility to the left over space. 
1.  An extra deep wedge shaped leftover became a pull-out bar.  Large liquor bottles are stored to the front, smaller bottles towards the back and wine below.  A deep carved plank provides a sturdy drawer pull and various hollows for corkscrews, cocktail napkins, etc.  2.  A vertical adapter extends an existing wall to conceal the side of a new deeper refrigerator.  A knife set, sharpening steel, take-out menus and house keys are stored vertically.  3.  A final sliver of space becomes an open cabinet for trays.


Design : Green Cross + Glickbuilt
Fabrication of custom cabinets : Glickbuilt
Installation : Green Cross + Glickbuilt