block + screen

The Site : A modern loft where a continuum of space connects all of the major living areas 
The Situation : A client in love with the open plan, but who on occasion has need for additional privacy between the bedroom and living room  
The Challenge:  Devise a mechanism that can disappear when not in use, respect the existing aesthetics, be easy to move, look permanent, and (if possible) provide a view of Lake Michigan from bed. 
The Solution is comprised of two parts.
The Screen : two large mirrored panels that (normally) hang flat against the bedroom wall
The Block : A trapezoidal element that can reside in the living room amidst a collection of art. 


When additional privacy is needed, the Screen slides out and folds to close off the bedroom from the living room.  The Block moves into position occupying the space below the screen. 
Design + Production : Glickbuilt