washtenaw study

A family of three was expanding with twins and in dire need of additional living space.  They needed to renovate or reluctantly move from their beloved Bungalow to the suburbs.  In order to make an informed decision we conducted a feasibility study which investigated three vastly different solutions.  The study included: refinement of the client’s wants and needs, preliminary structural analysis, analysis of existing conditions and usage patterns of the home, analysis of applicable code / zoning issues.  A general contractor was involved to help evaluate the options by providing information regarding cost and duration of construction.
design : glickbuilt
construction : Polish American Quality Construction


Convert the attic into livable space to provide a guest room, twins room and second bath.

Build an addition in the backyard to provide a new master suite, and expanded kitchen / library. Convert the existing master bedroom to become the twins’ room.

Finish the basement to provide room a guest room, twins room, second bath, playroom, updated laundry facility and much needed storage space.

Ultimately, Option C provided the greatest return, with the most amount of useable space for the least amount of money.